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Ilford with an opportunity...

The redevelopment of Ilford not only provides lucrative opportunities, but is what the town deserves. The development can be observed in the ‘Ilford manifesto’, outlining the vision for the local economy, culture and enterprise. At the heart of the redevelopment is the emergence of the cross rail with quick links into central London, causing property prices to soar, allowing for rejuvenation, revitalisation and growth. Goldex Essex is fundamental to this development with our omnipresence with 3 Costa Coffee stores as well as seeking a 4th. We take great pride in our involvement in the development of Ilford. With the Costa Coffee presence, we help to attract professionals and increase the welfare of the town by offering a place to meet and socialise for all ages. Furthermore, we employ approximately 35 staff in Ilford alone, portraying our commitment to the town galvanising the socio-economic situation. Since our first opening in 2006 we have been committed to assisting the redevelopment of Ilford by regularly supporting local events, close-by charities and the Mayor.

If you wish to join the movement of Goldex Essex and support the redevelopment of not only Ilford but other towns in Essex please get in contact with

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