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Established in 2005, Goldex Investments Essex Limited has a total of 11 stores and continuously looking for opportunities; this is due to the demand in the business and the love of our customers. 


Costa is the UK’s favourite coffee shop, having been awarded “Best Branded Coffee Shop Chain in the UK and Ireland" by Allegra Strategies for eight years running

(2010 - 2017), and Goldex strives to uphold their exceptional brand standards. Since 2011, we have been growing to be a company with high expectations and with the mission to be a great part of Costa’s journey.

We believe every bit of our customer’s journey, in any our stores, has to be the same in every single way.


Awards & Nominations:

Franchisee of the year - 2009

Best Business for Leisure and Hospitality - 2014

Whitbread Good Together Award - 2016

Best Business for Leisure and Hospitality - 2016

The Whitbread Ambassador Award - 2016

Partnership of the Year - 2017

Thurrock Business Awards - 2018 (Finalist)

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