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We truly believe, there is a purpose or a duty that we must fulfil as a respectable business which works very closely with local communities. Since we have formed the company back in 2005, we have been in cooperation with many well-known charity organisations to raise money for many great causes. 


Cancer Research, Get kids going, Save the Children and Haven House are just a few that we raised money for in the past few years. We have also supported local school sports teams by sponsoring for their uniform and sports gear. 


The Costa Foundation is a registered charity founded in 2006 which aims to relieve poverty in coffee growing communities; providing them with an opportunity for education. Costa recognises that the farmers who provide our exceptional coffee are an integral part of Costa’s success. By regularly fundraising for the Foundation, we are able to help provide money to build schools and provide water and electricity in some of the world’s poorest coffee-growing communities.

"Every Child has a right to an  education"


Saint Francis Hospice

Donated £500 to Saint Francis Hospice

Graham Layton Trust

Donated £5500 to Graham Layton Trust to eliminate curable blindness in Pakistan

Children's Charity Readathon

Donated two raffle prizes to achieve the target of £5000

Garden's of Peace Muslim Cemetery

Donated £10500 towards building the Ghusul (Washing Area)

One Family - Lost and Found Campaign

Donated £1000 to One Family - Lost and found campaign

Cancer Research

Donated £1600 to Cancer Research UK & Team Azi's Race for Life Challenge

The K&C Foundation

Donated £3000 to the K&C Foundation for Grenfell Tower Appeal

Haven's House Children's Hospice

Donated £1000 to Haven's House Children's Hospice

British Asian Trust

Donated £200 to British Asian Trust on behalf of Superstars

Muslim Hands

Donated to "Dig a Well" Campaign

Muslim Aid

Donated £100 to Qurbani - Band C - 2016

Philippines Emergency Appeal

Donated £2000 to Philippines Emergency Appeal via Muslim Aid

Haven'ss House Children's Hospice

Donated £260 to Haven's House Children's Hospice

Haven's House Children's Hospice

Donated £1000 to Haven's House Children's Hospice

Cradle for Life

Donated £2000 for the help and rehabilitation of earthquake victims in Nepal.

Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Donated £2000 to help the Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Save the Children

Donated £2320 to Save the Children Charity for the help of Children in Philippines

Orphans in Need

Donated £2000 to Orphans in Need Charity

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Raised and Donated £2000 to DEC for Nepal Earthquake Appeal

The Mayoral Appeal Fund

Donated £500 to Mayoral Appeal Fund in October 2016

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