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Hall Mead School Enterprise Day

Students of Hall Mead School joined our Senior Management Team for lunch to celebrate their success in winning their annual enterprise day. Here at Goldex Essex, we are always happy to cater for and contribute to such events. We love to give back to our local community with our Managing Director Kafeel Khan spending two days with the students’ as nominated chief judge. We place much emphasis on interacting with the youth as we believe that they are the future and helping them makes the world a better place for everybody. The students are extremely receptive to our involvement and enjoy the rewards thoroughly. Winners were awarded with lunch at Costa Upminster 2, 11 Station Road. The winners were all presented with a gift cup set also. The students were truly inspired and the event celebrates their achievements of innovation, creativity and originality with their sandwich inventions. We wish the best to all of the students involved and would like to thank the school and teachers for the opportunity to give back.

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